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Akrobat UAE Inground Trampolines

 Quality, performance, safety, fun!

Imagine if there was something that could make your kids jump off the couch in excitement...They're safe, durable and visually stunning.   Akrobat trampolines are renowned for lasting quality, unpaired performance and guaranteed safety.  Plus they’re so much fun!

"Bounce into Fun: Tricks For You to Practice!"


We keep kids happy and safe 

We believe active play enriches children’s lives and allows them to build a healthy body that will contribute to their overall development and help them achieve their full potential in adult life.

62.7 % softer bounce absorption

Akrobat trampolines have been laboratory tested for their ability to absorb jumps and the intensity of the G-force they subject the body to. Results demonstrated a more even deceleration of the jump, slowly bringing the body to a halt and softly absorbing the landing, compared to mainstream competitor products.

A big family of trampolines

We worship diversity, that’s why our complete range of trampolines comes in all shapes and sizes and covers a wide spectrum of needs for different customer profiles..

100% made in europe

All parts and components of your Akrobat trampoline are 100% produced in Europe, to guarantee consistent quality of our products and to offer you unsurpassed customer service.

Expert engineering and craftsmanship

All Akrobat trampolines are designed to exceed customer´s expectations. They are safer to use, endure extremely heavy loads, resist changing weather conditions and provide superior bounce performance

Certified Products

All our products are made in accordance to highest EU standards.


  • ​Akrospring
  • ​AkroClick System
  • ​UV resistant PVC
  • ​Fire resistant PCV
  • ​Temperature range -30°C/+70°C
  • ​Round and rectangular design

  • ​Various Sizes​​
  • ​Rust resistant frames
  • ​Quiet operation while jumping
  • ​Easy assembly
  • ​Antiseptic & nontoxic materials


Frame Warranty

Safety Pads

Spring Warranty

Jumping Mat



I would highly recommend Akrobat UAE for both the amazing trampoline and the installation.  The trampoline is of professional quality and you can jump higher than any other free standing trampolines I have seen.  It looks so clean and neat in our garden.  The children love bouncing on it and I personally feel like its a much safer option.  We are delighted with our purchase "

Bernadetta M, Emirates Hills


 Its absolutely brilliant "

Matt R, Barsha


 Buying this trampoline and having it professionally installed was one of the best decisions we ever made for our family.  The kids are never off it and the entire family love it.  Thank you Akrobat UAE .  5 Stars   '

Chris D, The Lakes

"Bounce into Fun: Inground Trampoline Tricks For You to Practice!"

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